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Project Management Programs




Effective Program Implementation Through Project Management 


This course is designed as an introduction to project management for innovative criminal justice administrators. Its intent is to provide managers with a better understanding of the project management process. The standard methods of project management, including Gantt and PERT charts, will be discussed in the context of community and problem-oriented policing implementation, special events planning and program development. Ideally, through the use of project management, criminal justice professionals will be able to understand the implementation of new programs as a series of incremental stages of change. Project management can clarify goals, objectives and expectations, individual staff roles in this change and time frames for when certain activities will occur. Project management tools can be a significant help in the management of organizational changes such as community policing or community justice models. 





I. Introduction to Project Management

A. Characteristics of Projects

B. The Project Mgt Process

1. How to Start Successful Projects

2. Planning a Project

C.  Leading and Organizing the Project
     1. The Role of the Project Manager

     2.  How to Organize a Project

      3. Organizing the Project Team

D. Controlling and Monitoring a Project

E. Completing a Project


Project Mgt Presentaton (Powerpoint 97)

Please feel free to download our abbreviated project management presentation.

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