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Police Management Resources

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Hudson, MA 01749-1388

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Pursuing Policing Excellence

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Our Mission

Police Management Resources (PMR) is committed to assisting police departments pursue excellence through innovation and continuous improvement. Through strategic partnerships with police agencies, PMR can provide management and technical assistance in a number of policy areas. PMR will work with police administrators to provide innovative solutions to public safety problems.

Services We Provide

Listed are the services that Police Management Resources provides to public safety agencies in New England:

Homeland Security Strategies

    The challenges of homeland security include redefining the police mission and role and the development of new procedures to respond to these complex challenges. It also requires increased training in homeland security, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, procuring new technology and personal protective equipment for public safety personnel.  PMR can develop comprehensive strategies to meet the challenges in the post- 9/11 era.

Strategic Planning

Innovative police agencies throughout the country have begun the process of developing long-term plans whether it involves technology implementation, community policing or homeland security.  PMR can assist your department in articulating a vision for your agency.  Our organization can provide expertise to aid you in determining where you want your organization to be in 5, 10 or 20 years. Let us help you in defining your core mission and opportunities for the future.


Community Policing Strategic Plan

    The successful shift toward a community policing philosophy will require the development of a comprehensive strategic plan. Community policing can impact every facet of a police department, from selection of officers to budgeting priorities to technology. PMR can work with individual agencies and their community partners to design a strategic plan that is innovative, yet realistic.

Grant Writing Assistance

PMR has substantial criminal justice-related grant writing experience. See our webpage for more details.

Program Development

The time consuming task of developing new programs can severely strain police administrators. Designing innovative approaches to community problems is the challenge that a changing world brings to law enforcement. To more effectively respond to changing needs, PMR can provide technical assistance for program development. Our staff has experience in the development of programs from initial startup to final evaluation. Drawing from our backgrounds in the public and non-profit sectors, we can assist police agencies in addressing important public safety issues. We can work with you to help identify problems, develop program goals, design training, develop staffing plans, draft budgets and write evaluation designs.

Program Evaluation

To ensure that your department's resources are being used effectively, it makes sense to evaluate existing programs periodically. PMR can professionally evaluate programs or strategies such as community policing, DARE, selective enforcement patrols, domestic violence programs or juvenile services. Additionally, because program evaluation has become an important part of many grant programs such as the COPS Office Problem Solving Partnerships grant, a well planned evaluation will strengthen your grant proposal.

Planning and Research

14221.gif (16111 bytes)          PMR recognizes that most police departments cannot cost effectively commit officers to planning and research on a full time basis, yet may still require these services from time to time. Outsourcing this function to PMR on an "as needed" basis makes economic sense for many departments. Providing research support for policy development, equipment evaluations, budget research and the development of operational and contingency plans can improve your management decisions.

Resource Allocation Studies

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Using a nationally recognized patrol allocation model, PMR associates can assist in designing a resource allocation study for your agency. Resource allocation is a planning tool used to project patrol officer strength levels, redesign existing patrol beats and promote the need for additional officers. Examining your department's past workload data, PMR can develop projections for future patrol needs, allowing you to plan resources effectively.

Training Needs Assessment

Community policing represents a change in the way a police agency does business.   As such, training officers and staff at every level is critical to the successful transition to a community policing model.  PMR can assist your agency with an assessment of your department's training needs with regard to community policing.  It can then provide technical help to develop a training plan customized to your needs.

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