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Police Hiring Program
This program provides funding for police agencies to
  • Hire new officers
  • Rehire laid off officers
  • Rehire officers scheduled to be laid off

PMR can assist you with the development of a community policing strategy that is included as part of the application process.

Strategic Management Plans

A key element of successful organizational change is the design of a mission or vision statement that highlights your community policing philosophy.  We will help you design a missin statement, goals and objectives to guide community policing implementation as an organization-wide strategy.

In addition, we will help build a plan to sustain this strategy in future years when this COPS funding expires.

Partnerships include developing collaborative relationship with local businesses, nonprofits, other government agencies and the community at large.  PMR can help design a long-term strategy to build partnerships and outreach to key stakeholders through community surveys, focus groups and collaborative activities.

Problem Solving

Our community policing experts can assist in the formulation of problem solving strategies that include training for officers and staff, crime pattern analysis and assessment capabilities for problem responses.