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Homeland Security Strategies

The challenges of homeland security include redefining the police mission and role and the development of new procedures to respond to these complex challenges. It also requires increased training in homeland security, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, procuring new technology and personal protective equipment for public safety personnel.  PMR can develop comprehensive strategies to meet the challenges in the post- 9/11 era.



Homeland Security Consulting Services

We are a group of experienced criminal justice management professionals who focus on the development of broad strategy to address the challenges that face contemporary public safety organizations.



Homeland Security Grants

Our staff has developed a number of homeland security grant proposals that have received close to 1/2 million dollars in funding to date.

Homeland Security Strategic Planning

The challenge of providing homeland security in addition to routine law enforcement functions creates a number of policy dilemmas for public safety officials.  The increased threat of international and domestic terrorism will cause agencies to redefine patrol and investigative roles to include homeland security tasks. An expanded policing role is accompanied by the need for continuous education and increased training, new technology, a range of new equipment and the development of new policies and procedures to deal with new WMD scenarios.  PMR has experience with the design of strategic plans for public safety agencies.

Emergency Planning for Police Organizations

The development of emergency plans is a labor-intensive process that often overwhelms agencies that are already understaffed.  There is a significant amount of research needed to complete the various federal and state-mandated emergency response plans. Outsourcing this type of project can relieve overburdened administrators.   

Policy Research

Because homeland security is a new mission for public safety, there are a range of policy issues that must be researched and coherently discussed before first responders can undertake this mission.  For instance, what information management solutions are available to collect criminal intelligence for counter-terrorism purposes?  What are the financial commitments associated with the development of tactical units trained to respond to weapons of mass destruction incidents? 

Equipment and Technology Procurement

Having received either homeland security funding or annual budget allotments for homeland security projects, the procurement of equipment and technology can involve a significant amount of staff time.  PMR has experience with government procurement and can assist your department with the research, specification and procurement of this equipment. 

Homeland Security Needs Assessments

Once your agency has defined its role in homeland security, the completion of a needs assessment to examine training, technology and equipment needs may be appropriate.  Using our staff to develop and implement this needs assessment may be cost effective and timely for your community.

Physical Protection Vulnerability and Threat Assessments

Our staff can assist in developing threat assessments of critical assets in your jurisdiction.  Using a nationally-recognized threat assessment  methodology, we can conduct a threat assessment of government buildings, schools, shopping centers, commercial buildings or public spaces such as sport stadiums.

Homeland Security Policy and Procedure Development

Creating new policies and procedures to address intelligence gathering, response to suspicious packages or potential WMD incidents is a function that many police administrators would prefer not to undertake.  Policy and procedure development is a one of our core areas of expertise. Using a model policy format, we can assist your agency in customizing a written directive system to meet homeland security challenges.

First Responder Training

We can identify training programs to meet the needs of officers embarking on homeland security missions. Our staff is trained to deliver both the Department of Homeland Security Emergency Response to Terrorism :Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Incident Response to Terrorism - Awareness level courses.  In other cases, we can custom design training to meet your needs. 


 Dispel the Myths and Marketing

 There are many private sector companies that market themselves as focusing on Homeland Security.  Equipment vendors and suppliers are offering a range of personal protective equipment, information technology, response vehicles and detection equipment, many of which have not been scrutinized by any professional organizations such as the National Institute of Occupational Safety or the National Fire Protection Association.


Homeland Security Challenges

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